Back in Bangkok

After one absolutely wonderful month in North America, I’m back in Bangkok. Leaving my home continent was difficult; I really hate good-byes. But coming back to Thailand feels better than I expected. The heat and the humidity actually feel normal, and I’ll admit now that I was kind of freezing for four weeks. Don’t get me wrong — the lower temperatures were appreciated, but there’s something very fun about walking around outside at night in shorts and a tank top.

I visited Southern California (Mom/Dad/sister/brother-in-law/nieces/Nick & Hitomi/UCLA for a walk down memory lane/shopping); the Bay Area (best friend/CRA and Dahl friends/former students/foot massage with Veronica/Aunt Becky/high school friends/Whole Foods/run on the Los Gatos Creek Trail/best friend’s bridal shower/family friend/former teacher/more shopping); Vancouver (Sean’s family & friends/forests/ocean/great food); and the Bay Area again (Becky’s big birthday bash/San Francisco with Aly/meeting baby Bourne/great food). I realize how whirl-windy that sounds; it was at times, but mostly it was just plain awesome. I feel relaxed and ready to start a new school year. I didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to see, but I’m happy to be coming back to San Jose in a couple months. I’ll have lots of bridesmaid duties to keep me busy, but I’m sure there will be time to socialize too!

When I got back to Bangkok, it was late morning on a Tuesday. I left Sunday night from SFO, so Monday didn’t really happen for me. It was hot, sticky, and sunny, and I was all smiles. It was fun to use my Thai, limited as it is. I was happy to find that what little I know hadn’t disappeared over the month of April. The people I see everyday, like the people who work at the front desk in the lobby for our apartment building and my loyal taxi drivers, were all happy to see me, and I them. I have a life here. Thailand used to feel foreign and overwhelming, and now I find the chaos quite charming. The bustling streets and the constant activity make the city feel so alive. The problem with Bangkok, though, is that it is not easy to escape the madness. In the Bay Area or in Vancouver, it’s easy to duck out of the urban areas into the mountains, the forest, or onto the beach. Bangkok feels absolutely endless, so after a little while, I know I’ll start wanting to escape again. Sean and I are planning a beach getaway sometime in the near future to keep us sane!

I’m excited to start tutoring students in need of some summertime review tomorrow, and also to begin preparing for the next school year. Kids all come back on May 27. I’m also continuing to work at Thai Herrick, helping Sean’s co-workers with their English. And finally, I’m also beginning my own Spanish tutoring sessions next week so that I can brush up and continue working toward fluency. It’s a goal I have had for a long time, and I’m excited to have found someone who can help me!


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