Rewind: Hong Kong May 2013

Sean and I returned to Bangkok from a long weekend in Hong Kong the night before the first day of school. Needless to say, I got a little distracted, and I failed to post about our awesome getaway.


We woke up super early to catch a flight to HK and arrived just before lunchtime. We stayed at the Kowloon Hotel, which is not on Hong Kong Island, but on mainland China in the area known as Kowloon. Our friend Reece, whom Sean knows from Vancouver, lives in the Mongkok neighborhood of Kowloon, but works on the island. She met up with us and took us on a walk around the harbor. I was particularly excited to see the giant rubber ducky that is peacefully swimming in Victoria Harbour these days:


With that checked off the list, I felt that the pressure was off so I could enjoy all else that Hong Kong had to offer! Reece was a fabulous tour guide who took us all over the place. She found all kinds of vegetarian friendly establishments, which made eating in Hong Kong extra wonderful. We had traditional Cantonese dim sum,


eclectic veggie Chinese food, and some fantastic vegan food at a trendy little cafe in The Levels area. The Levels was one of my personal favorite areas, partly because it has an escalator that goes several city blocks,


and partly because of all the trendy eateries. This is me at the Life Cafe, about to enjoy some Fair Trade coffee and organic gluten free vegan pancakes!


Another favorite excursion in Hong Kong was going to Victoria Peak (know as The Peak). Reece, Sean, and I rode in a very clean and new bus up to the top of this mountain on Hong Kong island. The views were stunning, the walk was brisk, and the air was fresh. Luckily, the rain slowed for us while we walked around. When we were done exploring, we took a scary, but completely safe tram the steep way down. Sean and I agreed that Hong Kong has Bangkok beat in the wilderness access department. It was so lovely to be able to escape the hustle and bustle so quickly and easily.


One evening, we ate at a San Francisco themed restaurant in a building where the elevator opens up directly into different restaurants that each get their own floor. We met up with Reece and Sean’s friend Greg, who was working in HK (now he’s moved to Shanghai). The four of us checked out the walking street full of Hong Kong residents, both native and ex-patriate, plus lots of tourists, called Lan Kwai Fong (LKF).


We also got drinks on a rooftop with excellent views before taking the Star Ferry back to the Kowloon side.


During the course of the trip, we also saw Times Square, two nice city parks, some giant shopping malls, and a museum dedicated to the art of preparing, pouring, and enjoying Chinese tea. One of Sean’s favorite activities was riding the “Ding Ding”, a skinny cable car that goes ding-ding upon arrival.Image

Reece also took us to try some Chinese desserts. I chose the sago in coconut milk; it was tasty!


Overall, it was a really fun weekend. Hong Kong is clean, diverse, easy to navigate, and has much more to see than is possible in three days. I think Reece took us to all the key spots, but we would love to go back and see more!


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