Glorious Foot Massages!

Right across the street from our building is a little massage parlor that’s open from 9AM to midnight every single day. For 280 baht ($8.70), one can get an hour-long foot massage that also includes calves, arms, hands, shoulders, and neck. Sean and I tend to give a 100-baht tip, so for about $12 we get an hour of bliss, an hour out of the heat, an hour of pampering. The ladies in the massage place know us now, and they’re all very nice. Every other time we go, there’s a little girl running around laughing and/or crying, depending on her mood. It’s not the quietest atmosphere, but when someone is rubbing your feet, you just don’t care if a three-year-old is running back and forth. Once she helped massage Sean’s feet! We’re always the only Westerners, but we’re never the only ex-pats. Due to the huge Japanese population in our neighborhood, this parlor’s frequenters are Japanese businessmen who just want to watch Japanese baseball or game shows and read Manga. I bring my book or my iPod, and Sean listens to hockey podcasts or The Bugle podcast. I love when the ladies poke and prod at my feet with chopstick-like instruments (for reflexology), but Sean hates it (too ticklish). They giggle when he picks up the stick before his massage and points to it saying, “Mai ow. Mai chop” (“I don’t want. I don’t like”). I can’t wait to bring my dad; he’s going to love it!


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