Indescribably Thankful

Ah, the emotional roller-coaster that is living abroad. One day I’m sobbing, and the next day I’m like a giddy 5-year-old at Disneyland. I’ve been trying to meditate, I’ve given up gluten and sugar, and I’ve been doing pretty well exercising regularly — all things that keep me somewhat balanced. Anyone who knows me well knows that I can be a little *ahem* extreme in my viewpoints, brash in my decision-making, and generally high-strung. Pretty much every time I’m sobbing it’s because I miss my friends and family so much it hurts, and every time I’m giddy it’s because I’m traveling, planning a trip, or enjoying being madly in love with one Mr. Sean Bourne.

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As I was walking from school to the bus stop to catch my carpool van, I had this thought: While I do complain about Bangkok (see this post and this one too), my living here is a culmination of a lot of wonderful events that have lead to this point. Today, my new friend Casey and I planned a two-week trip to Indonesia; we’re going to Bali, Java, and Lombok in April, and we’re planning to hike a volcano, visit one of the Wonders of the World, surf, and wander among rice paddies. We’re going to be able to do all these things on an insanely small budget…why? Because we live and work in Bangkok! And why do I live in Bangkok? Because I fell in love with a Canadian who was living in California to train for a job here. And how did I meet this man? He happens to the be the first cousin of one of my closest and greatest friends, who decided to get married the same summer Sean was in California. And how did I meet this great friend? In middle school in Pleasanton. And why did I get to grow up in Pleasanton, a city with one of the best school districts and hands down the best downtown in all of America? Because my parents sacrificed a lot to make sure that my sister and I got the very best childhood.

Really all roads lead to my mom and dad. How did I end up with such an amazing aunt? Well, because my mom has an amazing sister! How did I end up with such an amazing sister? Because my parents thought they’d try for a more pleasant baby! (And I love that my two older sisters came as a packaged deal with my dad!) And how did I meet my best friend, Liz? Because my parents sent me to Early Years Preschool in 1988. I could go on for days. So, anyway, this is just a quick, public announcement to say, THANKS MOM AND DAD. I HONESTLY OWE EVERYTHING TO YOU.

Silly family photo Christmas 2012 :)

silly family photo Christmas 2012

Katie Bec


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