Surprise Trip = JAPAN

The cliffs of Tojinbo, Ishikawa Prefecture

The cliffs of Tojinbo, Ishikawa Prefecture

On Saturday morning, December 21, Sean told me that we would be leaving for Japan in 12 hours. Between 10AM and 7PM, we went for a run, bought me some snow boots, packed, and went to the airport here in Bangkok.

I have a lot to say about Japan. It already became one of my top two favorite countries in the world (up there with France) after I visited my lovely little sister there in 2010. She worked at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea for a year, and I was lucky enough to visit her in Shin-Urayasu (just outside Tokyo) for eight days of sister adventures. I left Japan very reluctantly and promised myself I’d be back one day.

Aly and me on a bridge in the Korakuen Gardens in Tokyo -- May 2010

Aly and me on a bridge in the Korakuen Gardens in Tokyo — May 2010

Well, I didn’t know that I’d be back this year! Sean is amazingly sneaky and so good at keeping secrets. He told practically no one where we were going or what he was planning to do once we got there. I learned on Saturday morning that our itinerary would include:

– flying into Komatsu airport (in Ishikawa prefecture, on the west coast of the big island, Honshu)

– staying in a small mountain town called Yamanaka, which is part of the city of Kaga-shi

– spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our great friend, Keisuke, in his hometown of Katayamazu, Kaga-shi and also in Kanazawa

– spending the night in Kanazawa and then taking a bullet train passed Mt. Fuji to Tokyo

– spending three days in Tokyo before heading back to Bangkok

With plans like that, the trip was already set up to be magical and memorable and amazing. But what made it all the more magical and memorable and amazing was that Sean proposed to me on a gorgeous hike in Yamanaka. It was the morning of December 23; he saw a fox, took it as a sign, and got down on one knee outside an old Shinto shrine. Because he had wished for a snowy proposal, we found a leftover patch of snow (the last snow had been a couple weeks before) on which we stood as he put a breathtakingly beautiful diamond ring on my left ring finger. (A conflict-free diamond set in white gold…he knows me so well!)

There's my handsome fiancee, just minutes before popping the question.

There’s my handsome fiancee, just minutes before popping the question.

So I already loved Japan and have wonderful memories from there, and now our engagement just adds to its accolades in my book!

All the touristy stuff, along with a bazillion photos coming soon!

To everyone out there in internet world: Happy New Year!

And a very huge thanks to Sean’s main co-conspirator, Keisuke. He worked very hard to find Sean the perfect place to propose in Ishikawa, and he showed us all around his home prefecture. We even got to spend Christmas with him and his mother, which was so special. We are eternally grateful!


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