Goodbye, Thailand.

Tomorrow is Monday, April 21, the day that marks 22 months of living in Bangkok. And it is on this day that I say goodbye to this hectic city and this beautiful country. I’m a fan of lists, so here are some lists to sum up my time here…

Grades and Subjects Taught at Satit Kaset IP:
1. Grade 6 Math
2. Grade 6 Science
3. Grade 4 Science
4. Grade 2 Art
5. Grade 3 Art
6. Grade 6 Geography
7. Grade 8 Remedial Math

Thai Words/Phrases Learned:
1. Numbers
2. Foods
3. Colors
4. Directions
5. Basic friendly conversation
6. A couple of swear words
7. Telling about my occupation
8. Making reservations at a restaurant
9. Apologizing for running into people
10. Weather terms
11. A handful of verbs
[I’m basically a Thai preschooler at this point.]

Thai Destinations Visited:
1. all over Bangkok
2. Ayutthaya
3. Pattaya and Jomtien
4. Hua Hin
5. Khao Yai
6. Khao Sok
7. Chiang Mai
8. Chiang Rai
9. Phuket
10. Koh Phi Phi
11. Khao Lak
12. The Golden Triangle

Favorite Thai Foods:
1. Pad see yew
2. Mango & sticky rice
3. Fresh coconuts (they’re simply better in Thailand than anywhere on Earth)
4. Bung fai dang (stir-friend morning glory with garlic and hot peppers)
5. Som tam (spicy sour sweet papaya salad)

A Few Crazy Experiences:
1. Getting chased by leeches in Khao Sok
2. Being up to my thighs in flood waters in Bangkok
3. Experiencing the wonder that is a Thai fire drill
4. Almost getting hit by motorcycles driving on the sidewalk (daily)
5. Riding side-saddle on the back of a motorcycle to get to the bank
6. Petting humongous elephants with my dad at an elephant sanctuary

Southeast Asian Countries Visited:
1. Vietnam
2. Malaysia
3. Hong Kong
4. Singapore
5. Indonesia

I’ve made so many friends whom I absolutely adore and will do my very best to keep in touch with. During my time here I’ve learned that the world is really quite small and that the travel bug only becomes stronger with more travel, so I’m sure I can say to all my friends here: we will meet again…somewhere!

Since I’m no longer Kate in BKK, it’s time to start a new blog! My new last name will be Bourne in August, so I figured I should make up a domain that’s mildly clever. I came up with Bourne Hungry, and my new blog is Check it out! And thank you to all my loyal readers. I hope you’ll follow me around California and British Columbia now!



2 thoughts on “Goodbye, Thailand.

  1. I have loved sharing your adventures in Bangkok by reading your blogs. You are such a wonderful writer, so I feel I got a real taste of your life there. That being said, I am beyond happy that soon I’ll be able to hug you and hear of your new adventurers in person, on Skype and even the telephone. What a difference the same continent can make! I love you and have missed you more than you can ever know. I look forward to sharing in this new chapter of your life. Love, Mom

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